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Friday, October 29, 2010

Dinosaur Museum

We took the girls to the Dinosaur museum in Thanksgiving point a few weeks ago. It was so awesome! They had so many hands on activities to do there! and the Dino Bones were awesome! They each picked their favorite Dinosaur to stand by in a picture. They also had a sand and water thing that you could play in and make dams and rivers and make the water flow a completely different way. They loved that! Its an awesome museum and we will definately go back there again!

Halloween festival at Thanksgiving point

While we were at Thanksgiving point, we went to the Cornbellys Festival that they had. Thyey had so many activities for the girls to do.They got to be pulled by a tractor and a little cow train, be "Miners" and search for gold, climb haystacks, ride in go carts, get buried in corn up to their necks, Jump on HUGE jumping pillows, and so much more! They chose pumpkins from the pumpkin patch also! and they played in princess dresses and sat in Cinderellas carriage! They really liked that part! That place is so awesome for kids! I recommend it to everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Costumes!

Look how cute they all are! We were getting ready to go to the Halloween Carnival at their school. It was fun but very, very crowded! They got to play a few games and we ate pizza. Brooke chose to get cotton candy and the other two just played a couple more games. The cotton candy line was 45 minutes long! It was nuts! But she was firm on her decision!

Brooke's preschool parade!

Brooke's preschool had their Halloween Parade Today! She looked so cute and had so much fun! Her Teacher was dressed up as Minnie Mouse, and some of the kids were Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, Barbie, Snow White, a fairy, Jessie from Toy story and i cant remember the others. I didnt get very good pics because the class was on the move and the student teachers were kinda in the way.. But here is what i did get!